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The Railway "Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf"

On of the last serviceable railways in the Schleiz area.


In the year 1954, the Soviet-German stock company (SDAG) Wismut has built a pioneering railway for children in her pioneer camp "Karl Marx". Today, the railway have the name "Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf", but the intention is the same: The railway should be given children, parents and many others some pleasure.

The railway line is located in the valley of the little river "Wisenta". The roundtrip of the railway is 2.1 Kilometers (1.3 miles) long. The little trains have a top speed of 10 km/h (7 mph). For a roundtrip, the trains are required 20 minutes.


picture: A look into the valley of river Wisenta, with a train of the railway Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf

A look into the valley of river "Wisenta".


The jewels of the railway are the two former mine locomotives "Crispi" and "Maja". In the year 1975, the engine "Crispi" was built for the Pioneer Railway Gera and reached Crispendorf in 1980. The engine "Maja" came in the year 2004 to the railway. She is the little sister of the engine "Crispi". The fleet of the railway furthermore consists of five passenger cars and numerous freight cars.

The railway runs on every third Sunday of each month from May to October, on certain holidays and on order. Every summer there is great railway celebration. At Easter and in the autumn, there are special rates for children and adults.

The railway is operated by the members of the association "Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf e.V.". The little railway receives support from many local companies and individuals. Regularly are also children from the Park Railway Dresden in Crispendorf and actively support the railroad.


Climb aboard and ride with us!

The railway workers by the association "Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf e.V." look forward to your visit to the valley "Wisentatal".


Translation: S. Muehle, E. Ulbricht

Pictures: S. Muehle; K. Thieme; E. Müller-Kissing

picture: Locomotive EA 44-01 arrived the station Festwiese

Locomotive "Crispi" - build year 1975

picture: Locomotive EA 44-01 in the station Festwiese

Mine locomotive "Maja" - build year 1989

picture: Locomotiveparade to the railway festival every vear in the summer in Crispendorf, Thuringia

Once a year: Railway Festival

picture: Railway construction by club members at the railway line in Crispendorf, Thuringia

Railway construction by club members


Information about the railway:


A railwayman and the clock at station Festwiese

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Route map of the railway Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf, Germany

Route map of the railway

The two engine of the railway Ferienlandeisenbahn Crispendorf, Thuringia, Germany

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